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MMBA | Alcohol Awareness Server Training

The Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association offers two types of Alcohol Awareness Server Trainings for on-sale facilities, off-sale facilities, on-sale / off-sale combination facilities and special events.

Beverage Alcohol Training (BAT)

  • Sessions last approximately 90 minutes

  • Available for members and non-members. Fees depend upon membership status and discounts are given according to group size.

  • Average fees are approximately $200 per session with no per person charges

  • Flexible scheduling - nights and weekends

  • BAT meets insurance carrier alcohol awareness training requirements

Contact Us for further information

SALES On-Line Training

The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association is offering Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association members a discounted rate for their on-line SALES training.

SALES is primarily offered as an on-line supplemental training for new employees or refresher for experienced employees.
Please check with your insurance carrier to determine if this training meets their alcohol awareness training requirements.

To receive the discount, contact the MMBA office for your member identification number.

Click Here to learn more about the training

Click Here to access the training