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MMBA | Mission Statement

Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association
Mission Statement

1) Utilizing a variety of tools and methods, educate MMBA membership on current, future and past industry information, trends, strategies and events.

2) Stimulate membership to take action which will help them succeed in today's marketplace.

3) As an individual organization, promote and introduce legislation which is specifically beneficial to municipal liquor operations - and oppose/attempt to change legislation which is specifically harmful thereto.

4) Assist other organizations in promoting and introducing legislation which is beneficial to the overall retail liquor industry - and oppose/attempt to change legislation which is harmful thereto.

5) Promote the important and unique advantages of municipal liquor operations in today's marketplace.

Tools To Accomplish The Mission Statement

1) The Municipal Liquor Store Magazine - A bi-monthly publication which educates and informs members on the important matters and concepts pertaining to the municipal liquor industry.

2) Outreach Consultation Program - A free on-site management consultation service which examines all aspects of member operations.

3) One- on- One Consultation Program - An off-site management consultation service configured to promote interactive conversation and on-going contact in a non-threatening environment.

4) Annual Conference - An annual three day event held in May. The conference contains educational seminars and business meetings which have enabled members to increase revenue and significantly reduce expenses.

5) Regional Meetings - An annual half-day event held in six locations throughout Minnesota that covers a wide variety of operational and legislative issues.

6) Boot Camp - An annual two day meeting covering the "basics" of municipal liquor operations (pricing, inventory control, merchandising, promotion etc.).

7) Mailings & E-Mail - MMBA members can receive a daily e-mail update of liquor related activities. In addition, special e-mail and postal mailings cover important issues of the day.

8) Personal Contact with Membership - On a daily basis, MMBA representatives are in contact with members answering questions and providing information.

9) Individual Boardmember/MMBA Member Action - MMBA members are like a family. Operational information is freely shared and members take personal interest in the success of the municipal beverage industry.

10) Outside Firms/Documents - MMBA retains contract legislative lobbyists to fight legislation including Wine (Beer & Liquor) in Grocery Stores, elimination of municipal liquor stores and more! MMBA also has a commercial membership program for industry vendors, with designated individuals every MMBA manager can contact to improve the operation of their facilities.

11) Manager's Handbook - A 360 page award winning management & marketing resource manual for municipal liquor establishments.

12) - A website with information for members and the public.

13) Special Initiatives - The recent "Promoting the Community Value of Your Municipal Liquor Store" project is being implemented at member facilities throughout the state.

14) Beverage Alcohol Training  - MMBA co-produced an alcohol awareness training program designed to meet the specific needs of Minnesota alcohol servers. MMBA also offers supplemental on-line training.