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MMBA | Coming Events

The 2021 MMBA Annual Conference will be held on Saturday, September 25 ‒ Tuesday, September 28, at Arrowwood Resort, in Alexandria, Minnesota.

     Featured Speaker: Mark Rosen


Combine homegrown talent, charisma, compassion, and boundless enthusiasm for sports in a hardworking, six-foot six-inch package and you’ve got Mark Rosen. Mark is an iconic Minnesota sports director, anchor and reporter who has been covering Minnesota sports for more than four decades.

Exploring Beer Cocktails

As craft beer continues its sudsy explosion, the abundance of new product has also yielded a freedom to experiment, resulting in innovations in the field of the “beer cocktail.”

Beer cocktails are exactly what they sound like: some style of beer mixed with other ingredients to produce a finished, balanced drink.

Led by Tattersall Distillery, explore the world of cocktails using beer as a main ingredient, including various cocktail concepts with different style beers.

Loss Control: How to Save Money on Your Insurance Costs

Insurance is a transfer of a portion of risk and should be viewed that way. You can reduce your upfront costs by assuming more of the back end risk and vice versa. Howard Beck from Illinois Casualty Insurance will present real life claims stories to illustrate the importance of this topic.

Succeeding in the 2021 Competitive Environment

2021 MMBA Facility Award entries will be presented to inspire and educate attendees on successful initiatives from operations around the state.

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray as traveled the world helping people sharpen professional skills to take them to the next stage of their development.

The Calm Before the Brainstorm: If your organization doesn’t continually develop groundbreaking ideas, you risk falling behind. Learn the process for creating creative, market-disruptive, profitable ideas.

Next Stage Leadership: Learn what really makes your employees or co-workers tick so you can inspire them to be their best.

Creating Drama Free Work and Home Environments Through Resilient Relationships and Stress Reduction Tips

Imagine what it would be like to live and work without all the relationship stress that we have going on around us. Imagine what it would be like if we learned some ways to be proactive in approaching stressful circumstances versus being reactive.

In this humorous and engaging session we will focus on how to improve connection / interpersonal relationships, how to develop effective communication skills and learn ways to develop relationship resilience and personal resilience.

In her roles as a motivational storyteller and engaging Amazon Top 100 author, Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) works with high-stress and service- oriented organizations and associations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire.

Bar Success Stories and Package Store Success Stories (Concurrent Sessions)

Both sessions will examine current industry trends and issues.

Management Ideas to Embrace in 2020

Today, more than ever, shaping how an organization ticks and how employees function within are top priorities for a manager.

In this seminar, MMBA Conference favorite Jim Langemo will explore:

  • Leadership issues all managers face and how to overcome them

  • How to find and develop your personal leadership style

  • Your role in team performance and how to maximize it

  • The basics of hiring, discipline and firing

Special Bartender Training (Limited to the first 25 participants)

This session is designed for front-line bartending staff.

Presented by Diageo, the focus will be on Speed & Efficiency; including workstation setup and prioritizing tasks, transitioning to perfectly served drinks and upselling, including hands on training in making cocktails.

Following the focus on spirits, there will be exploration of beer styles from ingredients to production to taste.

This special half-day afternoon training does not require a registration fee.


There will also be great educational tasting dinners, an alcohol awareness training, Vendor Showcase and time to have fun and develop relationships with other attendees & industry representatives