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MMBA | Upcoming Events

2017 MMBA Annual Conference

The 2017 MMBA Annual Conference will be held on Sunday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 2, at Arrowwood Resort, in Alexandria, Minnesota. There will also be pre-conference activities on Saturday, April 29.

Back by popular demand, Tom Shay will address two topics:

You Can Hire an Employee, But You Can’t Hire a Manager

There are manager responsibilities and there are staff responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are too many managers who find themselves unable to separate the two and are spending too much time as a staff person or worse yet, a salesperson.

We will look at the responsibilities a manager should take on, those that should be passed to subordinates, and how managers can segment their management responsibilities into untroublesome tasks.

Your Customer Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

This seminar presents solid, tried and proven ideas businesses can examine and utilize as they develop that "always do business here first!" feeling with their customer.

  • Identify what type of business you should be

  • Recognize the five types of customers and knowing which type you want

  • Develop the customer service techniques customers crave

  • Provide the five qualities every customer wants

  • Fulfill the customer's equation for value

  • Determine the proper strategy for your business

Millennials: How to Work with Them and Keep Them as Customers

Many have had the following experience:

In the last week, my millennial employees have completely blown my mind in the things they have done around here. The way they act and treat other people is mind blowing. Absolutely no respect for others. My parents would have smacked me. They are so easily offended by EVERYTHING and they think everyone is rude to them.

Bob Filipczak, co-author of Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace will present a field guide for mentoring Millennials and many more valuable tools for turning today's multigenerational workforce into an organizational asset.

Improving Creativity

When you walk into a creative business– you can sense it.

There is a buzz in the air, the workspace is often playfully unorthodox, and people are energetic and engaged.

Some may think some sort of discounting and instituting a casual dress-code constitutes as ‘creativity.’

Think again.

Bobby Garnder of the Brave New Workshop will lead you through a five step process that will help you think differently about your business and yourself.

Achieving Digital Excellence

Some members are actively and successfully engaged in on-line, digital activities (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Some members are not engaged at all. Others are somewhere in-between.
This seminar, presented by Diageo, is designed for all knowledge levels.

At the start of the session, attendees will complete a short, simple “Digital Readiness Survey.” Based on the results, they will then move to small groups for discussions based on their knowledge and experience level.

Tools for Becoming a Successful Change Leader

Change is happening all around us.

Every day, new initiatives and projects are launched to improve performance, increase profits, and enhance competitive advantage.

The reality is that failing to plan for change can be the kiss of death.

In this interactive session, presented by Maple Lake Mayor and Certified Change Management Professional Lynn Kissock, you will receive tools for facilitating change and learn how to apply them in your operation.

Microsoft Office Training

By popular request, Alexandria Technical and Community College Technology Specialist Linda Muchow returns to conduct a Microsoft Office Training. There will be 16 laptops available for use or you can bring your own.

Part of the session will focus on creating signs, newsletters, flyers and more on Word and Publisher.

There will also be information on creating charts and graphs in Excel.

Finally, attendees will explore Power Point.

Succeeding in the 2017 Competitive Environment

This is the place for interactive discussion on industry trends, operational best practices and more!

There will also be great educational tasting dinners, an alcohol awareness training, Vendor Showcase and time to have fun and develop relationships with other attendees & industry representatives.

If you have never been to the MMBA Conference and want to learn more about the event, see our video below: