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MMBA | Scholarship

Competition for the 2022 MMBA Scholarship is now open!


Up to $6,000 in scholarships are now available. The number of winners and amount of awards is determined each year by the MMBA Board of Directors.

Who Is Eligible?

To qualify:

1. Applicant must be a son or daughter of a municipal liquor store manager or full-time municipal liquor store employee. Eligibility is extended to the stepson, stepdaughter, legally adopted child or legal ward.

2. Applicant must be a high school senior who will graduate in 2022.

3. Applicant's parent must currently be employed at the liquor store as Liquor Store Manager or full-time liquor store employee

Parent must have worked for the liquor store for one consecutive year.


A permanent part-time employee who has worked in a municipal liquor facility for an average of 20 hours per week for five consecutive years.

4. The liquor store must be current in Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association dues payment.

Eligible Schools

Scholarship winners may choose any accredited college, university or vocational-technical school. The money will be paid in September. The check will be sent directly to the school and must be co-signed by the winner and the registrar of the institution. Scholarship recipients have the balance of 2022 to enroll full-time in school. Failure to enroll during this time will result in scholarship forfeiture.

Who Does The Judging?

The entire Board of Directors of the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association awards scholarships.

How To Apply

1. Fill out the application form. (PDF)

2. Secure a letter of recommendation from the school principal or guidance counselor, teacher, supervisor etc.

3. Write a letter to the MMBA Board of Directors describing your high school career and your objectives for your post high school course of study.

4. Mail the application form, letters, and three recent photos to:

Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association
PO Box 32966
Minneapolis, MN 55432

5. Application materials must be received by Friday, May 27, 2022.

6. Questions:

Call: (763) 572-0222 or 866-938-3925     Email: