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MMBA | Position Paper

Position In Favor Of Requiring Reporting For
Direct Wine Shipments Into Minnesota


Internet websites and mail solicitations for consumer purchases of wine, beer and beverage alcohol, directly from out of state vendors, are abundant. As a result, these products are currently being shipped into Minnesota in violation of State statute. The proposal would require State reporting of all direct beverage alcohol shipments to Minnesota consumers.


Current Minnesota laws allow any winery licensed in a state which provides Minnesota wineries with equal reciprocal shipping privilege to ship up to two cases of wine directly to a Minnesota resident. In addition, under no circumstances may malt beverages or distilled spirits in any quantity be shipped directly to Minnesota consumers by an out of state distiller, wholesaler, manufacturer, broker, retailer or deliverer.

Since there are no enforcement or record-keeping mechanisms in place, more than two cases of wine and various quantities of other beverage alcohol are being shipped to Minnesota residents.

MMBA is in favor of this proposal because the gathering of data is necessary to objectively and quantitatively determine the social and fiscal impact of this practice to Minnesota citizens. Only then, can related public policy issues be effectively examined and possibly modified.